Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh God / The Aftermath

I have a confession to make . . . I sold you to the state.
The CIA is infiltrating your house as we speak.

I caught a glimpse of the spy satellite as it passed over our heads.
Orbiting every 92 minutes, quietly collecting images for the city's records.

I saw the petrified faces of you and your family on the evening news. Helpless and full of sedatives, shattered in a sea of dialogue and flashbulbs.

I heard about your last words, and I can't say that I'm sorry.
You should've seen my face, I've been so bitter towards you.

Alex was there, as powerless as the rest of them.
(Why now, Alex? I'm less of a man as I depart.)

"Sign my name too, Love. Press hard, there are three copies."


Anonymous said...

you lurked me, then left.

imbrilliant said...

You should listen to this one song
off of Tom Gabel (of Against Me!)'s
new solo record, Heart Burns. The
song is called Anna is a Stool
Pigeon, and it sort of reminds
me of what you wrote.

grinning mouths said...

The consequence of a good intention, Love.

Tom Gabel is so wonderful.

and when she had contact, with the conflict / there was meaning, but she sold him to be safe / she had to turn around / when she couldn't hold on, she folded / "a dissident is here . . . "

imbrilliant said...

Tom Gabel is above wonderful.

grinning mouths said...

I'm still hoping for an Acoustic EP / Reinventing Axl Rose - era return to glory.

imbrilliant said...

I'm still hoping for that
turn around too. But, I think
I'm feeling even farther back.

Like, Vivida Vis!, circa 1998,
to come back in action. Oh, and
for them to get off MTV.

But, that's just me being a snob.