Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waiting Room / Flashbacks

We were sitting on a bus full of children.
I was drawing pictures of rocket ships.

I was climbing the powerlines outside your window.
There was a radio playing in the background.

Your father was a fat Southerner with blue overalls and a moustache.
Your mother was a black Georgia soul singer with friends who loved to cook.

I woke up in your house, your mother was whispering to me.
I could just make out your face through the crack in the doorway.


imbrilliant said...

"I was climbing the powerlines outside your window."

Oh man, I like.

Anonymous said...

who are you?

my perception of god?
yeah, that sounds about right.

Grinning Mouths said...

I wanted to hold the radio above my head, but she lived on the second floor. Have you ever tried climbing powerlines with a radio? What a pisser.

You, my dear, are God.
And I am the pain you feel.

imbrilliant said...
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imbrilliant said...

"I'm outside of your
window, with my radio."

Hawthorne Heights, come
one. Now who's emo, darling. ;]

grinning mouths said...

I don't need your friends,
I've got my own . . .

*breaks out shotgun*